Char Wie Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1965. It has been upholding the goal of "Quality", "integrity", "Honest", "Attention", "Innovation", and "Complete Service". For more than 40 years, we still work towards the same goal and favored by the general public. Basing upon satisfying our customers as our priority, we satisfy our customers from design, plate making, weaving, jacquard, printing, embroidery, sewing to packing. In addition to the production of towels, but also providing customized services depending on customer demand to production to achieve the highest satisfaction. With the enchantment of requirements and the standard of living, we constantly develop new products to innovative business ideas, not only to lead the industry, but also award customer support and affirmation.

For more than 40 years of accumulation of professional and rich experience together with the intention of improving services, we not only in the manufacture of high quality towels, but also won a good reputation in the industry and favored by a lot of customers. We have received cases from "yonex", "mizuno", "wilson", "SRIXON", "Reebok", "Heineken", "La new", "asics", "Slazenger", "Lynx", "Levis", "Brunswick", "Tommy Hilfiger", "Dunlop", "yuan soap", "Dharma Drum Mountain", "Tunghai University", "Providence University", "Land Bank", "Taiwan Cooperative Bank", "Giant", and other well-known brands domestically and abroad. Weather internationally or domestically, there are excellent reviews regarding us.

Over many years of professional towel weaving technology as well as price and good quality integrity, large-scale, professional production of our team, we would be your best and most trusted choice.